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Procurement Officer Job at CARE Ethiopia

Objectives: The purpose of the Procurement Officer position is to collect Proforma Invoices on approved purchase requisition, prepare offer analysis and purchase orders, check quality of items to be purchased, submit purchased items to storekeeper and reports to her/his supervisor. She/he effects procurement in timely and cost effective manner and in compliance with CARE Ethiopia’s procurement policies and procedures. Procurement Officer informs requesting units status of their respective purchase requests and ensures that purchases are made in the best interests of CARE.

Handling Local Purchases:

  • Receives approved Purchase Requisitions (PR) for procurement of goods and services;
  • Collect Proforma Invoices and presents to the supervisor for further processing or approval;
  • Inquires immediately more specifications from requesting units if the PR is not clearly specified and completed;
  • Prepares detailed bid analysis based on Proforma Invoices and prepares Purchase Order in the name of selected supplier using accounting software;
  • Ensures that purchases are made in the best interests of CARE;
  • Deliver PO for collection of goods;
  • Collects purchased items from venders and submits to the storekeeper against official Goods Receiving Note (GRN) of the organization;
  • Ensures timely preparation of cheque or CPO in order to avoid unnecessary delays in executing purchasing activity.
  • If the purchase is beyond the FO authority limit, informs the supervisor timely to forward it to the country office.

Documenting and Reporting:

  • Files all procurement documents in an orderly manner for control and reference purposes;
  • Prepares weekly procurement status report and submits to the supervisor;
  • Regularly updates the supervisor of all partial collection of the procured goods;
  • Informs the supervisor about prices and qualities of goods if purchases are not of routine nature.


  • Also perform other incidental duties as requested by his immediate supervisor.

A) Education/Training:  College Diploma in…

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