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From sourcing raw materials to delivering the end product, our Supply Chain gets our brands to customers and consumers and plays a major role in our sustainability mission.A Supply Chain placement on the Unilever Future Leaders Programme exposes you to all areas of Unilever’s largest business unit.

Key Responsibilities
Supply Management-
Strategically deciding where we should purchase our ingredients and packaging
materials and building relationships with our suppliers.

Manufacturing –
Here we convert all our raw materials and packaging into the product, respond
to demand changes and improve efficiencies.

Planning – Predicting the products our consumers will buy both now and
in the future. This forecast is the foundation for everything else.

Logistics and Customer Service –
Delivering the product our customer wants to the right supermarket shelf.

 •   Under 26 years old of age at the time of application
•   Strong passion to work and make the business grow
•   Minimum of a Bachelor’s degree with minimum CGPA ≥ 3.00
•   Good analytical skills, willingness to learn and strong aptitude for communication skills.
•   A strong customer focus and the ability to develop strategies to meet the needs of your customers and our business

Women are highly encouraged to apply.


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