General Development Officer

1. Works with USAID management and technical offices in areas of responsibility (AOR) such as agriculture, health, education, infrastructure, private enterprise, governance and economic growth. The GDO also provides information, guidance and analysis. Assists in the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of programs and projects in AOR. 2. Assists the United States Government (USG) team in a unit, consisting of three principle USG agencies (USAID, Department of Defense (DOD) and Department of State (DOS). Works with International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) military commands, Department of Agriculture (USDA) and other USG Agency colleagues. Participates in operational planning and when appropriate serves as a development expert within the unit, ensuring all interventions are sustainable and otherwise technically sound. 3. Helps ensure USG Agencies, other military, donors and Afghan stakeholders have an appropriate level of understanding, appreciation and ownership of USAID programs. 4. Assists in assuring all administrative and accountability requirements related to USAID office operations are met and handled in accordance with established policies and procedures provided by the Executive/Financial Management Offices in Kabul. Handle logistics, prepares materials and delivers briefings for visitors as needed. 5. Works closely with military and other civilian elements of the unit and the Local Governance and Community Development (LGCD) implementing partner in his/her AOR. 6. Performs other duties as required and assigned. AFGHANISTAN: The USAID mission is part of a larger US Government and International Community to assist the people and Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. In recent years, Afghanistan, with the help of the international community, has made substantial progress. However, many of the root causes of conflict, insecurity and political instability remain unaddressed. USAID’s mission is to support the rapid transition of Afghanistan to a more stable and productive state through the promotion of democracy, rule of law, and sustainable economic and social development. Beyond the capital city of Kabul, Regional Centers and other field units have been established to oversee and support military and development activities in the field. In order to help expand the assistance of the US Government and the International Community beyond large cities, Provincial Reconstruction Teams (PRTs) have been established throughout Afghanistan. At the local level, some District Support Teams (DSTs) have also been established. PRTs and DSTs are coordinated units of civilian and military resources deployed to forward positions that aim to improve security and facilitate Afghanistan’s response to citizen priorities in targeted districts where instability hampers governance and development. The core objective of each team is to implement projects and support activities that will improve stability so that more traditional forms of development assistance can resume. Qualified parties interested in this position are encouraged to initially commit for two (2) one-year tours. USAID is striving to achieve greater program continuity and maintaining the strong relations between USAID and GIRoA. A second one year tour would be contingent on the successful completion of the first year and approval from USAID. The military units at the 26 PRTs in Afghanistan are coordinated under the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) regional and national command structures. USAID is a key member of these PRTs, with staff at each PRT to represent USAID’s interests in the province. USAID staff serves as development advisors to the inter-agency team and to advise and guide the implementation of USAID’s investments. The Teams are housed in Forward Operating Bases which are fortified military emplacements under the control of one of the participating nations contributing to the Coalition Forces. Conditions and operating environments vary from place to place. The military, diplomatic, and development personnel stationed at PRTs are part of an interagency (and often multinational) team whose purpose is to extend the reach and enhance the legitimacy of the central government in outlying and often less secure regions of the country through security sector reform, the promotion of good governance, and the facilitation of reconstruction and development. USAID participates in PRTs by locating USAID officers (both managerial and technical), and Foreign Service Nationals/Locally Employed (Afghan nationals) at each PRT. This staff is collectively the USAID field office to the province(s) in which they are located. The USAID field office at the PRT is responsible through the Regional Command Centers and field office management in Kabul to the USAID Deputy Directors and Mission Director. The field office program currently consists of multiple field officers stationed throughout the country at PRTs, DSTs, Regional Command Centers, and Kabul. The Mission of the field office program is to ensure the USAID Mission successfully achieves its strategic objectives in the field by assisting USAID programming and achieving unity of effort with other USG agencies, international actors, local government, and local communities.

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