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External Vacancy Announcement/Temporary/ Filling and Documentation Clerk Job at Save The Children


Save the Children is an exciting and dynamic organization that follows a holistic approach to achieve more for children and use its resources in an efficient and sustainable way. In every programming we aim to achieve results at scale, build partnership to influence others and increase our impact; look for innovate solutions to the problems children faces, campaign for better practice and ensure that Children’s voices are heard.

Save the Children is an organization for talented people with different backgrounds and perspectives. We are proud that our people are representative of the children we work with and we thrive on our diversity. We are an equal opportunity organization dedicated to our core values of Accountability, Ambition, Collaboration, Creativity and Integrity. Our culture is embedded in these values, along with a strong commitment to our Child Safeguarding Protocol, ensuring that all representatives of Save the Children demonstrate the highest standards of behavior towards children both in their private and professional lives.

Save the Children offers sound employment conditions with opportunities for personal growth and development. If you are interested to work in an organization that is determined to achieve dramatic change for the most vulnerable children, we encourage you to look through the job profile below.

Job Title: Filling and Documentation Clerk /temporary/

Code: 0322

Place of Work: Addis Ababa

Program/Unit: Sponsorship

Monthly Salary in ETB: As per the organization scale

No. of Positions: 03

Length of Contract: 3 months


Temporary Filling and Documentation Clerk is responsible for filling and documentation of child files and child-sponsorship correspondence materials. S/he undertakes the documenting copies of sponsor-to-child and child-to-sponsor correspondence such as sponsor’s letter, children’s reply letters and Proactive Child Drawings (PCDs). S/he will also create Child History (CH), update the child file with the latest Annual Family Update (AFU). S/he assists sponsorship operation team in compiling and keeping children’s data, and ensuring its completeness. S/he uundertakes additional related duties assigned by his/her immediate supervisor.


Reports to: Deputy Head of Sponsorship

Dimensions: none

Staff directly reporting to this post: None


The filing and documentation clerks will file and document child information as per the sponsorship policy and procedure for child information management. The scope of the will be creating new child history, sequencing reply letters and proactive child drawings and sequencing and updating annual family updates. In total, there are 7,000 new child history, 20,000 proactive child drawings and reply letters and 24,000 annual family updates.

· Labels new child history.

· Creates child history files in folder sequenced by Child ID.

· Sequences proactive child drawings (PCD), reply letter (RL) and Annual Family Updates (AFU) by child ID.

· File all PCD, RLs and AFUs into child folder.

· Make sure the completeness of the required information in child folder (family application, parental consent forms and AFUs).

· Operates keyboard or other data entry device to enter data from documents into computer

· Compiles, sorts, and verifies accuracy of data to be entered.

· Keeps record of work completed and report to filing and documentation clerk weekly (every Friday).

· Strictly abides to keep the confidentiality of all child, parent and sponsor information.

· Strictly protects privacy and sensitivity of child information and keep only at locked file cabinets.

· Ensures child file cabinets and file rooms are locked all the time.

· Ensures all paper information that contain child and sponsors addresses are disposed by shredding through shredder machine


A diploma graduates in secretarial science, data management or related area.

· At least one-year previous experience in filing and documentation

· Working experience with Save the Children is an advantageous

· Very good skill in communication and report writing

· Qualified female candidates are highly encouraged to apply.


Interested applicants who meet the MINIMUM requirements can apply on or before September 12, 2018

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A CV (not more than 3 pages)
A cover letter (not more than one page)
A one-page table summarizing your educational background, work experience, technical skills and competencies to facilitate the screening process. Refer the vacancy announcement while doing this.

Please DO NOT SUBMIT copies of transcripts, academic degrees or recommendation letters with the application. You will provide them upon request.


Save the Children is committed to ensuring that all our personnel and programmes are absolutely safe for children. We undertake rigorous procedures during the recruitment process including background checks to ensure that only people suitable to work with children are allowed to join our organization and all candidates will, therefore, be subject to this scrutiny.

In the selection of its staff, Save the Children is committed to gender balance and diversity without distinction as to race, sex or religion, and without discrimination of persons with disabilities.

Note: All travel costs should be covered by the applicant if invited for an exam or interview.

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