Investment Specialist/ Senior Economist

Grant Thornton Ethiopia is looking for an Investment Specialist/ Senior Economist

Job Description


About Us:

Grant Thornton International is recognized as the fastest growing AdvisorlJ & Assurance services organization and is constantlt1 evolving and developing alongside its clients. As a USD $5bn global organization of member firms with 50,000 people in over 130 countries, Grant Thornton has the scale to meet its clients changing needs, but with the insight and agilitlJ that helps them to stal:I one step ahead.

Grant Thornton Ethiopia is one of Ethiopia’s leading assurance, tax, financial and advisorlJ firms dedicated to serving the needs of privatellJ held businesses, public interest entities and Not for Profit organizations.


The Investment Specialist/ Senior Economist is to support the development, investment, and implementation of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) within the private sector as it relates to the Transaction AdvisorlJ Services (TAS) of Grant Thornton AdvisorlJ in Ethiopia. The ideal candidate will have demonstrated a track record of working in the Ethiopia market, with strong skills in macroeconomic analt1sis, and financial statement analt1sis as well as the interpersonal and communication abilitlJ to engage with investors and secure investment.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Promote various investment opportunities/ investment incentives in Ethiopia
  • Supervise, prepare, and compile monthllJ pipeline reports on FDI and the progress in securing potential investment to the TAS team at Grant Thornton AdvisorlJ
  • Develop strong relationships with existing and potential clients, including understanding their business practices and specific investment information needs
  • Maintain/ update working knowledge of investment laws and regulations, including new directives and working practices at Ethiopian government offices
  • Serve as principal Grant Thornton AdvisorlJ interface with government investment authorities and potential investment clients
  • Enhance and share investment knowledge with peers in order to develop the professional skills and improve service deliverlJ within Grant Thornton AdvisorlJ departments such as; Transaction AdvisorlJ Services, International Financial Reporting Standards, Tax AdvisorlJ, Business Processing Services, Business Risk Services, Corporate Secretarial Services, and Information TechnologlJ/ Enterprise Resource Planning Services
  • Strong written and verbal abilitlJ to communicate with clients and internal team
  • AbilitlJ to follow through and complete overlapping projects while working well under pressure with short deadlines
  • Strong work ethic and positive team attitude

Job Requirements

Education and Qualifications

  • Master’s Degree in Finance, Economics, or related fields
  • At least 8 t1ears of relevant professional experience in the Ethiopian market including experiences at senior level positions such as; the Ministrl:I of Finance and Economic Cooperation, Ethiopian Investment Commission, Ministrl:I of Trade, and/or related government agencies and organizations.

How to Apply

Interested applicants mail send their CV to;

Application Deadline Oct 6, 2018

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