The International Institute of Rural Reconstruction (IIRR) exists to promote a world of equity, Justice and peace where people achieve their full potential and live the life of quality and dignity in harmony with the environment.

IIRR’s impact is demonstrated through its program pillars, namely education for pastoralists and marginalized communities; food security and resilient livelihoods; community driven and managed disaster risk reduction; and building collaborative leadership, global learning and sharing.

IIRR is in the course of responding for a request for a proposal on Nutrition-Sensitive Agriculture (NSA) capacity strengthening for the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Resources (MoALR) and for Amharic, Afar, Oromia, Somali, SNNP and Tigray Regional Bureaus. This project will develop sustainable NSA capacities at the Government of Ethiopia (GOE) federal and regional levels, generate practical tools and lessons for application, and undertake wider dissemination of lessons at all levels of the government.

The following intermediate outcomes support the above objectives:

  • The MoALR adopts NSA approaches and matrices into agriculture and livestock policies.
  • MoALR at federal level adopts the capacity building frameworks, tools, and approaches for building capacity to deliver NSA results at regional and zonal levels.
  • MoALR staff at federal and regional levels acquire knowledge and practical skills to plan, implement and monitor an integrated NSA approach in all agriculture and livestock programs
  • The MoALR and regional bureaus use data-driven decision-making for NSA actions.
  • The MoALR and regional bureaus continue to learn from program data and adopt approaches and work plan activities for more effective NSA implementation.

IIRR is seeking applications from suitably qualified candidates to fill the position below for implementation of this project at the Federal and six Regional Bureaus Levels. These positions are mainly field and office work combined but mainly capacity building activities.

Positions required:

1. Project coordinator: Will be based in Addis Ababa, a/o in one of the regions as required,

2. Project officers: For Amahara, Afar, Oromia, Somali, SNNP, and Tigray, based in the relevant regional bureaus

3. Project Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (MEL) and communication expert, based in Addis Ababa with frequent field travel

4. Accountant: to manage the project finance, be based in Addis Ababa

Job Summary:

The project coordinator will report to the IIRR Ethiopia Program Manager. The respective regional project officers will report to the project coordinator. The MEL and communication expert and the project accountant will report to the Country Director. Key deliverables required from an individual staff and the project team (project coordinator, officers and MEL and communication officers):

  • Prepare workshop materials for regional nutrition coordination body/regional nutrition technical working group.
  • Prepare user friendly NSA training package with practical tools and applications for GOE regional and sub regional officers.
  • Adapt the generic NSA training package to the regional context including translation of the material to the local language.
  • Prepare TOT facilitators guide for NSA training package
  • Conduct regular monitoring and evaluation activities, compile data and share information to managers for timely decision making.
  • Utilize a Most Significant Change (MSC) stories writing approach and compile change stories regularly • Develop and disseminate relevant communication materials to the project stakeholders
  • Compile workshop, training and regular project reports

The Accountant will accomplish the project regular and routine accounting activities. Key requirements

Minimum Education, Skills and Abilities

Project Coordinator, regional project officers, and MEL and communication expert:

  • Master of Sciences for the project coordinator position and at least Bachelor of Science for the regional officers position in Nutrition, Agronomy, Agribusiness or related agriculture subjects from a recognized institution.
  • For project coordinator and regional officers, at least 5 years of related experience in the area Experience in organizational and program capacity development in NSA, or any related subjects to government officers,
  • For the MEL and Communication officers at least three years proven work experience in the area.
  • Experience in working with the six regional bureaus for the regional officers will be a plus.
  • Knowledge of the regional language for the officer position is mandatory.
  • Readiness to work in the regional bureaus is mandatory for the regional officers.
  • Experience in establishing Public-Private Partnerships and coordination of partnerships
  • Experience in working with NGOs in fields related to the area


Interested candidates are to apply by email with an up to date CV with contacts of 3 referees, and a cover letter indicating the expected salary.

Closing date for applications is 19 October 2018 at 5:00 PM

Send your application to:

You can use + 251 0113 212864 for further clarification.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

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