Jordan—Monitoring and Evaluations for Supporting Women’s Economic Empowerment

Dajani is working in a consortium with CARE Jordan, Mercy Corp, and BPW-A to improve women’s economic empowerment in Jordan.

As a private company, Dajani Consulting offers management, economic and technical consulting, and training services to governments, private sector, NGOs, civil society organizations, and donor agencies in the Middle East and North Africa region. We espouse excellence in our services and strive to provide value to our clients, setting for ourselves the highest possible standards of performance.

At the center of our practices, is the objective of supporting the public and private sectors of the region in fostering prosperous economies and resilient, stable markets.

We pride ourselves for maintaining a strong research and development focus, and constantly review the content of all our services in order to understand what represents best practices locally, regionally and internationally. We also modify these offerings regularly, either through adopting innovative practices or through creating our own innovations. 

Program Description: The consortium is beginning a 4 year project to address the exceptionally low participation of women in the labor force in Jordan. The project aims to increase gender mainstreaming in decision-making within select government institutions at the national level based on field research and analysis, incentivize women to break socio-cultural barriers to labor force participation, access economic opportunities and participate in decision-making within Cooperatives, SMEs and CBOs within communities across Jordan, and increase access by women to sustainable economic opportunities through skill building, work readiness training, employment portals and linkages, and increased access to business support services at the community level.

Job description: The Monitoring and Evaluation expert is responsible for all project ME activities including the training of local staff to collect qualitative data on the impact of the project.

Essential Responsibilities: Assist in the development of a monitoring plan including the specific parameters of site visits, asset verification and data collection for each of the selected program and sites, implement the monitoring plan through site visits and capture and analyze data in a timely and accurate manner, conduct evaluations and studies of project impact, carry out baseline surveys before projects begin, followed by periodic surveys to track progress, collect public opinion information on views and impact of work performed through the projects, train and supervise local staff to complete monitoring and evaluation work at project sites, provide feedback to consortium on project shortcomings and recommendations for improving project implementation, work with project team to improve ME systems where site visits find deficiencies.

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