Monitoring and Evaluation Consultancy (Desk-based)

AKFC is seeking expressions of interest for a short term monitoring and evaluation consultancy to provide advice on and develop a monitoring and evaluation plan and related products for Aga Khan Foundation Canada and its implementing partners under a new multi-sectoral, multi-country project in select countries of Asia and Africa. The dates of this assignment are June 18 – August 1, 2012 (subject to change).


Background and Context:

The Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) is a group of private, international, non-denominational agencies working to improve living conditions and opportunities for people in the developing world.  The Network’s organizations have individual mandates that range from the fields of health and education to architecture, livelihoods development and the promotion of private enterprise.  Together, they collaborate in working towards a common goal – to build institutions and programs that can respond to the challenges of social, economic and cultural change on an ongoing basis. 


The Aga Khan Foundation (AKF) is a member of the AKDN, and was established in 1967 to seek sustainable solutions to long-term problems of poverty, hunger, illiteracy and ill health, with special emphasis on the needs of rural communities in resource-poor areas.  Based in Geneva, AKF has branch offices in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Egypt, India, Kenya, the Kyrgyz Republic, Mozambique, Pakistan, Syria, Tajikistan, Tanzania and Uganda, with affiliates in ‘developed’ countries as well, including Canada, Portugal, the UK and the US.  The Foundation applies an integrated, community-based and participatory approach in education, health, livelihoods development, and civil society strengthening. 


Aga Khan Foundation Canada (AKFC) was established as a Canadian non-profit international development agency in 1980.  AKFC mobilizes Canadian financial, intellectual and technical resources to support the efforts of the larger AKDN through wide-ranging partnerships with the Canadian government, academic and civil society institutions, the corporate sector, and individual Canadians. 


Project Description:

This multi-sectoral, multi-country project will seek to improve equitable and sustainable development results over the next five years through overseas programming in Asia and Africa, a robust learning agenda, and engaging with Canadians. This project will consist of four major components: regional health systems strengthening (ii) regional education systems strengthening focusing on teacher education; (iii) civil society strengthening; and (iv) learning and public engagement. Overseas implementing partners are expected to include Aga Khan Foundation Afghanistan, Aga Khan Foundation Pakistan, Aga Khan Foundation Tajikistan, Aga Khan Foundation Kyrgyz Republic/Mountain Societies Development Project Kyrgyz Republic, Aga Khan Health Services, Aga Khan University, Aga Khan Foundation East Africa, Aga Khan University Institute for Educational Development, Aga Khan Academies, Aga Khan Educational Services, among others. Further details on the specifics of the project will be made available during the interview process. 


  1. I.              Purpose:

The purpose of this consultancy is to assist AKFC in developing a Monitoring and Evaluation (ME) framework, system, process and tools to enable AKFC to effectively monitor progress and the achievement of results of the project as a whole, select sub-components and in connection with field based monitoring systems for other sub- components. The results of this work will enable AKFC to 1) assess the performance and effectiveness of the project; 2) track progress against indicators for each of the components; 3) assess and evaluate the outcomes of each component; and 4) distill lessons across each element of the project.


  1. II.           Approach:

The Consultant will, in consultation with AKFC, develop or adapt an existing ME framework, system, process and tools to enable AKFC to effectively monitor progress and the achievement of results of the project as a whole in addition to its various components


The Consultant will undertake the following tasks:


  • Review of project background information, including existing overall ME documentation.
  • Review of existing component-specific ME documentation.
  • In collaboration with AKFC, refine the project-level Logic Model and Performance Measurement Framework (PMF).
  • Provide feedback on the component-level Logic Models and Performance Measurement Framework.
  • Development of a written ME strategy and plan for the project, including plans for (i) developing baseline for the PMF indicators; (ii) mid-term review; (iii)  end of project review;  and (iv) ongoing project monitoring. 
  • Identify few key performance indicators (KPI) at a macro level to track overall progress of PAHDAA by AKFC senior management on a quarterly basis to trigger an informed discussion and actions as required, to improve project performance.  Develop a framework and plan to track quarterly progress of PAHDAA by AKFC senior management based on the KPIs.  
  • Develop a preliminary sketch of an MIS for on-going monitoring of the entire project and its components.   
  • Assess human resource, technical and budgetary requirement to operationalize various elements of the ME plan and the MIS.



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