Project Manager for a Knowledge Partnership Programme (KPP)


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Atleast 10 years of professional experience in:

  • Designing, managing and monitoring projects.
  • Working on policy and advocacy, including direct engagement with Government actors particularly  in India. Other developing country experience would be an advantage

Preferably with Indian nationality

Duration of involvement with the project

  • Full time involvement during design phase (3 months) and 75% involvement every year during management phase (Expected Project duration: August 1st 2012 to March 2016)



  • Overall responsibility for deliverables, internal and external coordination, quality assurance, team management and monitoring during design and management phase;
  • Designing, contracting and management of inputs from a variety of partners, as directed by DFID.
  • Commissioning a small number of urgent pieces of work as needed by DFID in the design phase
  • Being in regular contact with the DFID Task Team Leader and Project Officer
  • Being available for regular meetings at DFID’s Delhi office.


  1. Prepare and agree on Performance Management Agreement (includes specific metrics and targets for management of the KPP). The Programme Manager will be accountable for this agreement
  2. Preparing 18 months  Work communication plans for the programmeincluding:

ü  Strategies for each of the four themes (priority policy questions, specific activities etc)

ü  Mapping of stakeholders and their roles/contributions along the KPP term

ü  Designing  of Communication Plan  for communication/dissemination of policy products externally  and in DFID HQ and HMG

ü  Coordinating with policy leads, contract manager, communication manager for their inputs  

ü  Conducting meetings with DFID policy leads for initial planning on policy aspects

3. Preparing Management Proposal including:

ü  How the KPP will be managed including proposed criteria for selection of activities

ü  Documentation required to secure approval of activities

ü  Coordination with DFID

4. Coordinating for preparation of procurement guidelines with contract manager(s)

5. Coordinating with policy leads for preparation of Logframe including identification of impact, outcome, outputs,  key performance indicators and programme risks

6. Designing ME approach and tools including

ü  Approach for reviewing progress of KPP as a whole and of thematic work programes;

ü  Risk management strategies for risk identified under log frame

ü  Quality control (review, feedback and incorporation of lessons learnt) tools for review of all outputs, internal as well as from workstreams funded by KPP

7. Coordinating with policy leads, contract manager, communication manager and other team members for preparation of their respective work schedules covering their roles, responsibilities, deliverables and timelines

MANAGEMENT PHASE:                         

Overseeing the delivery of high quality policy products as well as ensuring their proper dissemination will be the responsibility of the program manager. Throughout the process, the PM will closely engage with DFID officials. The specific responsibilities under this phase will include:

1.        Preparation of Annual Workplan for the KPP in coordination with the team which set out activities for each theme.

2.       Management of Horizon Scanning work and Work Planning:

ü  Coordinating with the policy team for ensuring timely completion of analytical studies of policy questions and development of workstreams

ü  Establishing effective coordination amongst policy teams

ü  Establishing coordination with DFID policy leads and experts

ü  Quality control of policy questions and related workstreams developed

3.       Development of Policy Products:

ü  Coordinating with policy team for preparation of Terms of Reference for policy workstreams

ü  Managing the Selection of suitable KPP Partners in coordination with the contracting manager and ensuring value for money in the contracting process;

4.       Management of KPP Partners:

ü  Ensuring deadlines are adhered to by KPP partners;

ü  Ensuring highest quality of analysis with special focus on the standard of English and policy relevance of outputs prepared

ü  Completing literature review of outputs from various workstreams funded under the program to help inform and focus future work

5.       Support Uptake and Management of Communication of findings to target audience:

ü  Providing direct support to DFID to arrange workshops, visits and exchanges between researchers, academics, representatives from LICs, Indian participants and HMG/DFID representatives on key issues and findings

ü  Developing communications products/ methods (e.g. online platforms, secondments of experts etc.) for further in-depth studies and adaption of the India example in other LICs

ü  Communication of these to an audience including policy makers/international negotiators/academics/ civil society activists/ media/ CEOs of major Indian companies etc. 

ü  Proactive management of how policy products are disseminated and followed up

6.       Reporting and Monitoring:

ü  Monitoring the impact of each activity/strand supported under the KPP

ü  Monitoring the overall performance of the KPP against agreed impact, outcomes and outputs

ü  Preparing financial and narrative reports on KPP performance

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