Warehouse Manager, SCMS

1. Supervise and monitor warehouse activities and processes to ensure continuous

availability of donor funded pharmaceutical commodities, and related supplies

including tests kits, and other products related to HIV/AIDS.

2. Ensure regulatory compliance of warehouse operations including clearance,

receiving, inspection, testing, storage, registration and proper

recording/documentation and distribution under optimal conditions.

3. Ensure that relevant information is passed up from the warehouse to the LRA to

assist in the formulation of policy, design of activities and work plans.

4. Help to make available technical resources that are appropriate for addressing

specific situations in the supply chain management.

5. In discussion with the supervisor, identify the need for short-term technical assistance (STTA) to strengthen supply chain capacity and warehouse operations and management.

6. Develop and maintain effective and relevant SOP’s for all actions related to the


7. Train newly appointed staff under his/her supervision on current valid standard

operating procedures related to their job within one month of appointment.

8. Manage the staff and their performance ensuring that they adhere to all SOP’s and

health and safety policies at all times.

9. Create, allocate and delete storage bins as per operational and stock requirements.

10. Supply all required statistics and reports for the purpose of management reporting

and budget control.

11. Supervise and support warehouse technicians to ensure adequate monitoring and

supervision of all warehouse processes including receiving, replenishment, order

releasing, picking, checking, packing, stock counts, etc.

12. Ensure that the materials handling processes are safe and efficient.

13. Perform other assignments as requested by Supervisor

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